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Autumn Walks and a Good Read

A ‘maestra’ practising her siesta – Ruth on Strolls September 2013

I love the Autumn.  For one thing my birthday falls right in the middle of this time of mists and mellow fruitfulness and all that.  Then the light (the light!) of the autumnal Mediterranean sun on mountain hillsides and tiny whitewashed hamlets is a gift to the photographer.  Another plus to this time of year is the shift from the hot and dusty summer to Andalucian autumn and the arrival of a spot of rain and cooler breezes to freshen up the countryside…. and so…. it’s time to start walking again!  Last week we hosted Strolls and Siestas based at the character-full Casa de La Luz in Pitres.  I’ve said lots about this week and venue elsewhere (see Autumn Walks) so I’ll just share this photo up on the left which I think sums the week up nicely… and a comment which gives us a wee glow – “a great week which was throughly enjoyable. I loved the location and the food was as good as ever” (A.D. Strolls and Siestas 2013) Was it the tajine cooked over charcoal in the roof garden or the chocolate torte that did it, I wonder?

Pico Alegas, Sierra Nevada

Autumn 2012 – picnic time at Pico Alegas 2700m

Last year the snow arrived early, so by the end of October there was more than  dusting on the peaks.  We’ll be here at the end of the month – can’t wait!

More on Autumn excursions – Autumn walking from Cortijo Romero and Autumn in the Heights.

If you’re looking for an Autumn holiday read here’s something to check out – long time Cortijo Romero and Bootlace visitor Mandy Sutter published her debut comedy novel, Stretching It, this summer.  In true CR spirit, the story has a ‘personal journey‘ element, as its heroine, plump PA Jennifer Spendlove, no longer wants to put her life on hold to care for her Stretching-Ithypochondriac Mum, Alicia.  A habit of telling white lies to keep the peace contributes to her sense of stuckness.  But when she embarks on a quest to change her life beginning with a series of lonely hearts dates it becomes obvious that this is a very difficult thing to do.  It becomes almost impossible when a sex-crazed Italian hairdresser enters the frame and her new boss offers her an opportunity that might be either a blessing or a curse.  To add to the complications, Jennifer isn’t the only one stretching the truth….

Stretching It is available now at all good bookshops and on Amazon and Kindle at