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Ukulele Ladies and the Silent Environmentalist

ukie_peanutsIt is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman in possession of a ukulele is a joyful being.  Look at Marilyn Munroe… well maybe not.  The combination of piano accordion with ukulele is not traditional but seems to work for Sorrel and me.  It also lends itself to the quirky songs which amuse both of us enough to bother learning – Ukulele Lady is one of our favourites and we’ve recently got under our belt(s) Add Me by Chumbawumba.  Soon to be launched on the terrified public is People are Strange by the Doors and Shine on Crazy Diamond by the Floyd.  Nuff said.  If you’re fancy hearing a sample we’re up on the soundcloud as Las Favoritas (and we hope we’ll be amongst yours).

John_francisNow here’s a man who promotes walking and plays a mean banjo.  And I mean MEAN.  His philosophy is impressive his talks are illuminating and funny: one day in 1983, John Francis stepped out on a walk. For the next 22 years, he trekked and sailed around North and South America, carrying a message of respect for the Earth – for 17 of those years, without speaking.  During his monumental, silent trek, he earned an MA in environmental studies and a PhD in land resources.  Watch this on TED